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September 1, 2014

John Lauer

Intents Construction


Dear Mr. Lauer,


I wanted to take a moment and write this letter of recommendation for you following completion of our kitchen remodeling project.


Today is Labor Day, and you still made time to personally come by my house on this holiday and make an adjustment on the tightening nut on the faucet so that it wasn’t so loose.

 It had shifted ever so slightly because of the difference in the 2 inch hole size of the new sink and the 1and ½ inch granite countertop hole. You had to cut a custom bracket to make it work, and have the proper tool to reach the tight space.


I’m pleased to observe & report that you have the integrity to keep your word and take care of a small customer repair, even though you had been totally paid for the project.  Some contractors lose interest and motivation after they have received full payment.


After we arranged for the scheduling of the project, the best part was that my kitchen was only without water for exactly 48 hours during the granite countertop installation!

 You came in early on Wednesday morning for minor demolition and removal of the old countertop and disconnecting of the plumbing.  The granite countertop was installed on Thursday, taking up most of that day.  You and your crew then you were back here in the shortest possible time, the following day, early to reinstall the plumbing.


Even after everything was complete, you men double checked all of the fittings and connections and had to make one adjustment on a loose fitting that had a very slight leak, even though it wasn’t apparent during the initial hookup. Double checking everything, being neat and tidy, (and on time) is what made all the difference--- in addition to your integrity upon follow-up as I mentioned before.


I’m glad that I followed your basic design recommendations and made modifications even though the cost of the renovation was increased moderately (especially with the plumbing and the new sink).


Among your many important recommendations, was to not have any of the granite run up the backsplash, because our granite patterning is “busy”.  Additionally, you vetoed any commonly used transverse listello tile patterning. We decided to use top to bottom tumble stone in the kitchen to not draw attention away from the granite, per your urgings, based on experience.  I’m also glad I followed your advice and added granite around a laundry room sink, which added to the overall aesthetics without adding very much to the cost.


Again, I’m very pleased, and give you my highest recommendation without reservation.

I would be happy to give a personal reference for any future clients, please don’t hesitate to call.




Steve B.

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